At times like these -- less clothing always makes things better. Or hotter.
The Road To Hell...

New 3D picture

This was entered into DAZ's contest. No, I didn't win. I was also surprised that Prince Harry has a cat. Hmmmm, maybe it's the kitchen cat and is just taking a few moments to torment the Prince. LAZY SUNDAY AFTERNOON
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Graphic Adventure – Intro

And I just realized what a double entendre it was... I finally coaxed my computer into spitting out the render of my cast for a new kind of story. One with lots of pictures. The quality should improve as I learn a bit more about what I'm doing. I think I'm going to call it "Prince Harry and the Really Awful Regent from Hell," but I can't get the reverb on the last word like I want. Cast introductions coming next... "Once upon a time, in a kingdom very far away, lived a boy named Prince Harry. Well, "Prince" was more like a title than a name, but that's what…
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Well.... You may have noticed how much is *not* appearing on the journal, and if you are the kind of person who wonders about such things, I will try and appease you. Last year, I got the jones to try my hand at song vidding, where one takes footage from a TV show or movie and makes their own little music video to a song. I thought up a really good idea, and then totally 180'd and ended up making a 20 minute song cycle about Smallville, using the music from Wicked. It premiered at MediaWest with expected enthusiasm. It's available at: Beware of slow downloading, especially if you…
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New story

Because I was bored. Consenting Adults only. Mean, nasty story. NC-17. XXX. Naughty words. Indescribable acts of perversion. Gross disregard for limitations. Have I convinced you not to read it yet? Real Person Slash involving the men from "Troy"
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THUNDERBIRDS are GO!….rgeous

I was surprised at how badly the movie did at the Box Office. I thought it was a great movie to take smaller children to -- much better than Spiderman. And the ratio of men to women on Tracy Island was 9 to 2? (Counting the voyeur who spends all his time in space!) Over half of them related? What combinations! What angst! What hot guys! Sigh. So many men, so little time. So, I'll admit the silver jumpsuits look a little fruity in a "Lost In Space" kinda way, but who's gonna keep them dressed? Brothers. Alone on a tropical island. For years. Just imagine the pressures! "He's gonna…
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HL/P:TL Crossover WIP!

Getting back to Richie for a moment, did you know that Martin Cummins, who played Pete in "Unholy Alliance" was a runner up for the part of Richie? Good thing, too, since he went on to play Nick Boyle on "Poltergist:The Legacy" for four years, with much more screen time. But I always wanted to cross them, and with Pete dead as a doornail, it was tough. Until I thought up a crossover idea. I've got about 75% of this written, and almost all the twists and reveals are in this section, so if you want to be surprised when this is finished and you read the whole thing, I'd…
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Another one bites the dust.

Well, I can now check another "To Do" off my list. As of two hours ago, I can now say I have danced on a Chicago stage with a professional dance company, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. My partner was the lovely and talented Shannon Alvis, and I was terrified out of my gord. No one booed, and the people I sat next to said I aquitted myself admirably. Man, I was wiped/sweaty/aching after ten or so minutes, and these people had been going 20 so far with another 10 left. Dang. Why am I mentioning this here? Because I don't know of anyone else who would care. I'm in the…
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