At times like these -- less clothing always makes things better. Or hotter.
The Road To Hell...
Happy Nude Year!!

The high cost of Free-2-Play (MMOs) – Christmas Editions

Now that almost every game out there has some form of play for free level, I can juggle five of those suckers at once, where before I had enough cash for maybe one or two at a time.  And it seems like every blasted one of them has a Christmas/Winter festival during December (and further, thankfully).  Except you SWOTR, thank you for that. Although you get negative points for the lifeday items.  I thought malls had cornered the tacky Christmas Kitsch market. And it seems like each one of them not only expects you to drop by for a cup of eggnog and coookies but MOVE IN FOR THE DURATION OF…
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A sad day in history…

Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona and his party’s presidential candidate in 2008, led the opposition to the repeal and said the vote was a sad day in history.


He and others opposed to lifting the ban said the change could harm the unit cohesion that is essential to effective military operations, particularly in combat, and deter some Americans from enlisting or pursuing a career in the military.

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All about the blood…

What is it about computer games involving blood that really makes my day?  First it was Gabriel Knight, culminating in BLOOD OF THE SACRED, BLOOD OF THE DAMN, when I knew I had found an art form I thoroughly enjoyed.  Yes, it was clunky and the puzzles sucked and every thing that could go wrong on a project did.  But not only did it have an engrossing story, it showed exactly how immersive a game could be. Now it's Dragon Age, where I spent 90 hours on one character and various other times on 4 more.  Not counting the 20 hour expansion.  That's about $1 for two hours of entertainment,…
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About Dang Time!

I am pleased to announce, after a fun-filled, action-packed long weekend at MediaWest, I present to you 2,800 words of pure, unadulterated smut. Yes, Virginia, I wrote a PWP.

Say Hello To New Kirk by Kevin H. Robnett

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They are sooo gonna do it…

They've been dancing around each other since summer, they now live under the same roof (along with about eleven other Snyders!), and they're appearing in more than one episode a week. Is it time for another important step in their "just the same as any straight soap couple" courtship? Watch Luke and his beau Noah each weekday on As The World Turns on CBS!   *Update:  Now have pictures in the gallery!  CLICK HERE
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We’re off to see the Wizard!

So I'm taking my first step on a brand new Yellow Brick Road! (Or Blond Hunk Blvd.) With the LiveJournal purging scare (and doesn't it seem like there's a LiveJournal fire every few months?) and Yahoo's sudden problems with adult content (and I am nothing except adult), I've decided to take the safety plunge and move my "grown-up" discussion and thoughts to my own private Idaho...or blog. I mean, it's not like the administrator is suddenly going to take offense about my doodles, since he is I -- or some such philosophical idea.  I can post what I want, when I want, as large as I want, and not fear some small…
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