At times like these -- less clothing always makes things better. Or hotter.
The Road To Hell...
Stripper Yoga

Work In Progress…. DAYS SLASH

I just saw Austin Miller, who played Hawk on "Days of Our Lives" in the touring company of "Hairspray" last week. Damn, he's a fine performer. Why didn't we see this on Days? Why didn't they keep him instead of bringing NewPhil back? And dang if he doesn't fill out a tight T-shirt perfectly. Him and the guy who played Kevin, both. Ooooh, visual. And then the tidbits start hammering at my imagination. Who names their lily-white kid "Hawk"? Why was he such an asshole. How can I abuse the poor boy (since all I seem to do is torture Shawn). And then *this* sprang into my head and there…
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Anyone remember the old Highlander Mailing List?

Way back, when fic writers wrote fiction, not drabbles, and the sex was integral, and PWP stood for please write profusely? Where we had lawyers and doctors and white collars and blue bloods and construction workers and therapists and geezers and dead horses? Where thirteen year olds kept their mouth shut and one line replies were killing offenses? Back when wild and crazy was fun and not sickening? It all started with the question of what happens after an Immortal loses his head (see? I can even spell it correctly!!) Then Wendy the Weasel (lawyer) somehow got involved with the clean-up crew and suddenly there was this whole infomercial starring…
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First OC semi-slash story

There was something about Ryan, and Seth, and Ryan/Seth that made my brain stand up and sing, "hallelujah".  I wanted to write a "hurt/more hurt" story about Ryan and Seth and this came out of my mindless wandering.  No actual sex, as I don't think it would have any bearing on the story. I loved the comments about how AU it is (even though it occurs years in the future and does not go against any show cannon as of yet).  Huh.  Some people can't broaden their minds. For those of you keeping track, wanting to post this story in the most prolific fiction site is the reason I joined…
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Here I am.  Joy.  All this just because I wanted to read someone's fiction.  Seems like so much trouble.  Huh.  What do I know?  Hopefully, I'll post all my snippets here, things I am working on and things that just pop in my head and die a horrible death.  Hope you enjoy.
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